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WIT Arena High Performance Academy provides young athletes in the South East region with elite training programs designed to give them the best possible chance of success in their chosen sport. Our program is perfect for athletes who are striving to transition from junior sport to the professional realm.

The programs are also suitable for those who simply wish to lay the foundations for a life of health and fitness, are looking to build character, confidence and self-esteem. The program divides athletes into two age categories: Junior (ages 12-14), Senior (ages 15-18). The programs themselves are designed to improve athletes; physical capabilities (e.g. core strength, mobility, power, speed and functional strength), training intelligence (e.g. Exercise theory and terminology, program structure, muscle and movement links, healthy lifestyles and nutrition), and psychological development (e.g. work ethic, self-esteem, resilience and social skills).


·Expert training and analysis

· Highly Qualified Staff

· High Performance testing for Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance

· Access to High Performance centre through academy

· 1 to 1 analysis on fitness testing results, diet and sports psychology.

· Motivational speaking from Olympic, All-Star and Premiership athletes.

· Expert nutrition and sports performance advice.

· Strength and conditioning induction, advice and training.

· Education on the concepts of training and Fitness.

· Anatomy and physiology basics for athletes



Academy Week Options: Monday to Friday from 8am-3pm

  • Week 2: July 24th-28th
  • Week 3: August 14th -18th

The new facility is located in WIT Arena in Carriganore West Campus and is equipped with an elite level strength and conditioning high performance centre,
allowing the athletes access to the latest in equipment, technology and training techniques to maximise their development. HPA Athletes will train with athletes from other
sports to share their respective skill sets which will create more rounded young sportspeople.

Unlike other programs WIT Arena HPA allows athletes to train and develop in a NEW state of the art facility equipped with High Performance laboratory, High
performance gym, class rooms, state of the art sports testing equipment, indoor sports Arena and outdoor facilities.

Age Groups: 12-18 years

Cost: €149 per week of program

WIT Arena High Performance Academy is open to any individual or team who wish to improve in their given sport, improve performance in sporting position or any individual looking to improve their overall athletic ability. Each academy participant will be given a thorough assessment on all components of fitness need to excel including: Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance, Flexibility, Mobility. Each academy graduate will leave with a detailed report on their current capabilities and action plan on how to improve going forward. In addition to athletic performance, all academy graduates will leave with instilled knowledge on: the basics of anatomy and physiology for athletes, nutrition for athletic performance, sleep and hydration for performance, along with inspirational talks from some of Ireland’s elite athletes across various sporting domains including Athletics, Rugby, Football, GAA and more.


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