Gym Membership

WIT Arena offers a wide range of gym membership plans including adult, student, and youth memberships.


About WIT ARENA Gym Membership


Here at WIT Arena we seek to cater for all persons regardless of interests and fitness goals. If you are training for leisure, for fun or as a serious athlete, we stand as your one-stop leisure and training facility. Open seven days a week, we provide a wide range of fitness classes, sporting activities, equipment, physical education, health and fitness programs. As well as our wide range of fitness classes which are inclusive in all our memberships, we also provide personal individualised programmes for our members, tailored to meet your health and fitness requirements.

Our state of the art Edge Gym includes;

  • Over 100 pieces of cardio equipment
  • All over body machine weights
  • Designated free weights area with various free weights available
  • Squat & deadlift racks and numerous weights benches
  • Allocated core and stretching area


Membership also includes use of our indoor 40m sprint track, 2km outdoor running track and specialised outdoor fitness rig.

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