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WIT Arena High Performance Academy provides local, young athletes in the South East region an opportunity to experience performance training to give them the best possible chance of success in their chosen sport. Our program is aimed at young athletes who want to transition from junior to adult sport. It is aimed at all sports, from teams to individual, explosive to endurance. The program is also suited for individuals who simply enjoy playing sport and are looking to lay the foundations for a life of health and fitness and will build confidence and self-esteem. WIT Arena’s High Performance Academy is designed to improve the athletes physical capabilities (e.g. mobility, speed, strength, power and endurance) but will cover other important aspects of sports and fitness such as nutrition, sports psychology and injury prevention.

WIT Arena are currently not running any High Performance Camps for Summer 2020

Academy Features

  • Complete 1-1 needs analysis and testing to measure athletes performance and potential
  • Comprehensive end of academy report on athletic performance for each academy graduate
  • Speakers from a wide range of sporting disciplines including athletics, sports coaching, physiotherapy, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning
  • Sports diversification workshops including jiu jetsam gymnastics and pilates
  • Education on concepts of Fitness and Training for athletic performance
  • Anatomy and physiology basics for athletes

Please keep on eye on our website for upcoming dates for our next High Performance Academy

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