Team Fitness Testing

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Team Fitness Testing

At the WIT Arena we strive to be First in Fitness and Sports in the South East and offering Team Fitness Testing is just one component. A team can be tested at one time in a range of sport specific tests at our state of the art facility. The team coach receives a comprehensive report detailing teams individual scores in relation to the whole team and sport specific normative scores. Below is an outline of some the tests and related components of fitness, although these can be amended to suit the particular sport. Coaches can design their own test battery or have a battery designed for them after a needs analysis of their sport:

  • Body Composition; height, weight, body fat %
  • Mobility; FMS, athletic ability assessment
  • Speed; 0-10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, Flying 20m, 30m
  • Power; Vertical/Horizontal Jump (lower body power), peak power, mean power
  • Anaerobic; RAST test, Yo Yo Level 2
  • Aerobic; Bleep test, Yo Yo Level 1 and Max Aerobic Speed Test (MAS)

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team fitness testing

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning Programmes

WIT Arena offers a comprehensive package for individuals who want to
improve sporting performance in any sport from team to individual. The
athlete will have two consultations where a specific sporting needs analysis
will be performed and from this the athlete will have a program designed to
meet their individual needs and goals. The athlete will be walked through the
programme in WIT Arena’s High Performance gym.

Two hour long consultations

First Consultation:

Consultation in HP Unit with qualified strength and conditioning coach

Sports specific needs analysis

Sports specific tests including; mobility, strength, speed and power

        Second Consultation:

        Basic report showing results vs. normative sports specific data (GAP analysis)

        8 week strength/conditioning programme to improve athlete

        Full run through of programme

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