Facility rules and regulations in our WIT Arena Sports Centre


  1. Consideration of membership applications are at the Company’s discretion.
  2. Membership is non-transferable and any person found using a member’s membership card shall be removed from the premises immediately and the card confiscated. Re-issue of the membership card will be subject to an administration fee.
  3. No person shall be admitted into the Facility without wearing the appropriate attire (including footwear) for that activity or as directed by the management.
  4. Users shall not, while suffering from an infectious disease, enter or use the Facility, nor shall any person be admitted to the Facility when, in the opinion of Management, in an unclean state or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Users are not permitted to access Facility areas outside those required for use of the Facility.
  6. Children on Family Membership Schemes can only use the Facility when accompanied by an adult of that same membership or an adult designated by the adults on that membership. Details on this designated person have to be shared with and confirmed by Facility Management prior to usage.
  7. All members must be out of the showers 15 minutes before closing times and must have exited the premises by closing time.
  8. There shall be no changing in any place other than the designated changing rooms which include the group changing rooms and private members’ changing areas.
  9. It is compulsory for all users to use the lockers provided. All lockers will be emptied at closing time.
  10. The usage of recording devices is prohibited in the entire complex, unless prior approval has been granted by Management.

WIT Arena Gym Area

  1. All members must complete a fitness induction before using the gym.
  2. You must get instruction before using any piece of equipment.
  3. Misusing equipment will lead to injury/damage the equipment. Members shall follow instructions on the machine or ask for assistance from the gym staff..
  4. Members shall not interrupt or disturb classes at any time.
  5. Only persons 16 years and older are allowed use the gym facility.
  6. Persons under 18 are permitted to use the fixed weight machines only. Exceptions may be made if an individual is shown appropriate and safe exercises by one of our qualified gym instructors.
  7. Please wipe down all machines and replace equipment after use.
  8. Members are not permitted to provide personal training services to other members.
  9. Members are responsible for their own belongings.
  10. No dumbbells are allowed on cardio equipment.
  11. Members are not allowed to reserve any equipment.
  12. You may not use the gymnasium whilst under the influence of alcohol or anticoagulant, beta-blockers, narcotics, tranquillisers or vasoconstrictors.
  13. Members are required to pick-up after themselves and discard rubbish and remove personal items.
  14. Use of chalk is not permitted.
  15. Other members must be allowed to “work in” between sets.

Exercise Studio

  1. All members must complete a screening form before participating in our classes.
  2. Class timetables and instructors are subject to change from time to time.
  3. A proper warm-up is essential to avoid muscle injury. Therefore, no one will be permitted entry to a class if more than 10 minutes late.
  4. Classes are limited in capacity and bookings are based on the “first come first served” principle at the time of booking.
  5. We reserve the right to limit you to participating in a maximum of one exercise class per day.
  6. Bookings can ONLY BE MADE ONLINE. Telephone, email, social media or "in person" bookings at the club cannot be taken. Please book online.
  7. Bookings can only be made from 2 days in advance, from Midnight onward.
  8. Members must pre-book online to attend a class
  9. If a chosen class is fully booked, members will be placed automatically on the reserve list. You will then be automatically entered to the class as cancellations occur and will be notified by email. If you no longer wish to take this space in the class you must also cancel.
  10. Members must cancel their space if unable to attend. Penalties apply if not. Cancellation must be received 2 hours prior to class start time. There is a 3 strike rule enforced. On the 3rd strike the online system will block you for being able to book classes and you will need to speak with a Manager at the Arena.
  11. Classes cannot be booked for more than one person – you can only book yourself in.
  12. Members are requested to arrive for classes on time. In the interest of member safety entrance to classes will not be permitted to members arriving more than 5 minutes late.
  13. Please be punctual for classes as your space will be reassigned if late.
  14. Please notify the class instructor of any medical condition and/or pregnancy.


  1. Users shall not conduct themselves in a disorderly fashion, disturb or interrupt any other persons in their proper use of the Facility or interfere with the Management and staff in the proper execution of their duties.
  2. No person shall commit any nuisance on any part of the Facility.
  3. Users shall not use any indecent or offensive language or behave in an improper manner.
  4. Disorderly, rude or offensive behaviour may result in termination of membership. Any dispute will be taken up with the manager, whose decision will be final.
  5. Any alteration to facility equipment can only be made with permission from Management and then only under the understanding that all will be replaced or put it its original format by the user.
  6. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians of children under 17 years to supervise those children at all times while they are on the Facility premises, except during activities supervised by Facility staff.
  7. A minimum of 1 adult per 2 children is required.
  8. Children under the age of 17 are not allowed in the Facility after 7pm, except by prior arrangement between third party and management.
  9. All Facility property (such as towels) must remain within the Facility. Towels must be returned to reception upon exiting.
  10. No animals shall be permitted to any part of the Facility, save guide-dogs in service or in training.
  11. Users shall not, before or after using the Facility, loiter or remain without a reasonable excuse, on the premises or on WIT grounds.
  12. Smoking is not permitted in the Facility building or in any area within 50 meters of the Facility building.
  13. Any accidents or incidents shall be reported to the Facility duty manager immediately.
  14. Evacuation routes must be kept clear at all times. Emergency equipment must not be tampered with. In case of evacuation, evacuation signs and life guard instructions must be followed.
  15. The Company will not be responsible for any private property that may be damaged, lost or stolen on the premises.
  16. It is the users’ responsibility to take all relevant medical and professional advice to ensure their safety, to verify fitness and to confirm suitability for their use of the Facility. The Management and staff shall not be liable nor shall they accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage howsoever sustained by any user, whether direct or indirect and including consequential losses arising out of any of the activities in the Facility or in any way whatsoever, which does not arise from any negligent act or omission of the management or employees.
  17. No food or drink is allowed in the gym, pool or spectators’ area, with the exception of water and sports drink.
  18. Users of the Facility shall not at any time carelessly or negligently break or improperly interfere with any of the equipment, furniture or chattels in the Facility. Members who wilfully or negligently cause damage to the facility or equipment will be held liable for the cost of repair.

Group rules

  1. The group organiser is fully responsible for the transport of the members of the group booking to and from the Facility.
  2. The group shall, upon entry to the Facility, register with reception before entering the changing facilities or booked areas. Registration will be restricted to 15 minutes in advance of the booked time.
  3. The group must vacate the booked area at the exact time stipulated in their contract.
  4. The group shall, while waiting on the premises, remain only in such portion of the premises as Management indicates.
  5. Children (under 18 years of age) must be supervised by a group nominated person in the changing village before and after the booked pool session.
  6. All groups must enter and exit the Facility and pool area in an orderly fashion.
  7. Group teacher/coaches shall make all participants aware of current pool water depth before entry into the water.
  8. At least one coach, teacher or designated adult must remain by the pool area during the booked lesson time.
  9. Group bookings shall observe the following teaching/coaching ratios:

All rules are subject to change by the Company. The non-enforcement of any of the Rules is not a waiver of the Rules and shall not prejudice the Company taking any subsequent action.

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