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teen fitness classes now starting

Teen Fitness Classes now starting!

15, November 2017

Fit Teens are Happy Teens


This fun and exciting class introduces teens to a fitness environment who are current ineligible to join a gym. The class encourages physical activity promotion in a safe fun filled environment. All classes led by highly qualified instructors. Teens can increase overall fitness levels, appearance and health and wellbeing. Classes are happening every Wednesday evening from 4:30pm! 

Class details:

• Teens aged 12-16 Years Old
• Encourage physical activity promotion in a safe fun filled environment
• Variety of classes led by highly qualified instructors
• Increase overall fitness levels, appearance, health and wellbeing.
• Classes FREE for WIT Arena Youth Members!
• Available Pay As You Go for €6 ! First Come First Serve Basis!

To book your teen in today click here !
Or call 051834444 or email agrant@wit.ie for more information

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