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WIT Arena Hosts the WIT 2017 Open Days

23, January 2017

Thousands of secondary school students descended on the new €20m WIT Arena on the Schools’ Open Day on Friday, 20 January.This was the first time that the traditional main open day took place off main campus and gave attendees the chance to experience the WIT Arena’s impressive facilities firsthand.

In addition to the large sports hall which was divided into two – two thirds exhibition area and one third sectioned off for talks – the facility’s meeting rooms and lecture rooms were used for talks.There were a number of talks on different course options and supports for students.Each Department had stands up in the main hall, giving prospective students the opportunity to mill around and ask questions in a space similar to what they’re used to such as at Higher Options in the RDS.Secondary school students benefited from having all the stands in one space to wander around.

Buses ran between the main campus on the Cork Road where many schools had pre-booked tours of the main campus.

StudyWIT Open Day 

Saturday 21 January saw more crowds arrive to the WIT Arena to learn about part-time and postgrad options at WIT as well as the 70 undergraduate full time courses available.The second day saw a mix of prospective adult learners mixing with school leavers, often accompanied by family, and many coming back for a second day.



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